Friday, 10 June 2011

Radio Days Vintage Shop by Waterloo

"RADIO DAYS opened on 15th of November 1993 and is run by Chrissie and Lee.

Appealing to all ages, gender and collectors, Radio Days offers a wide selection of vintage clothing, collectables and memorabilia dating from 1920's through to 1980's.. Radio Days also buys from the public and offers prop hire for stage, screen and shoots .

"We are the only vintage shop to sell clothing, magazines and household goods in London. It has been a roaring success and we have been featured in many top magazines and papers over the years."

Well established in Lower Marsh's unique and thriving market community, Chrissie and Lee hope the shop will go from strength to strength in the future when they will open the basement for furniture and hire goods."

I have just moved offices to Waterloo and was out browsing the area a few days ago. just a few minutes walk from our corporate headqueaters I found Radio Days and I was thrilled! Everywhere you turn you see dresses, telephones, cups, hats, brooches that you have to get a closer look at. The atmosphere is incredibly friendly and relaxed, lee,the guy who runs the shop now is quite possibly the friendliest and most enthusiastic vintage shop owner I have come across! Always ready with an offer to know a little of the price, if something catches my eye and a knack for putting on records he thinks will suit the customer.

Lee Williams

I found some lovely pyramid bakelite telephones, but a little out of my price range, I opted for this lovely little pale blue trinket box, with the lid in the shape of a shell. It will go perfectly in the boudoir, with the dressing set I bought at Heydon Vintage Lover Fair last weekend and I will use it loose powder with a big fluffy powder puff put in the inside of the lid.

They have an amazing collection of brooches, cufflinks and compact mirrors and compacts and I haven't even started looking at the back room where they keep all the clothes! I am sure this shop will be the destination for many of my lunch breaks.

I have my eyes on the ivory pyramid telephones in bakelite, cigarette holders, emerald green turbans and 40s platform shoes.. to start with! And there might be a little left over for a gorgeous cravat for my chap too.

87 Lower Marsh
London SE1 7AB

Tel: 020 7928 0800
Monday to Saturday 10am - 6pm
Friday Closing at 7pm




  1. "We are the only vintage shop to sell clothing, magazines and household goods in London."

    Great post, but i disagree with the top statement. I used to work in The Girl Cant Help it! (alfies market, London) I know fo ra fact they sell clothing, magazines and household goods!

  2. Hi Boo Boo Kitty, I'm sorry; i should have made it clear that the wording in Italics and in " Where just the shops own statement, the normal textis mine :)

  3. They have been there for at least 12 years, well before the vintage bandwagon rolled into town and deserve much props for that...

  4. basque country6 July 2011 at 11:35

    i used to buy in this shop when i went to London, and i have plenty of beautiful things from there