Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Little Vintage Lover Fair in Burnham Market

One of my favorite vintage fairs is the Little Vintage Lover Fair that travels around most of Norfolk and last weekend it was held in Sussex Barn in Burnham Market.

There were lots of things to see! Besides the many great stalls that had people drooling over RAF coats and uniforms, 40s American suits and lovely hats, there where a tea and cake shop and you could get mulled wine too. Perfect in a day where the winds were blowing so much, gals held down their skirts and men held onto their hats!

Dead Mens Spex where there and I was lucky enough to find myself a pair of new glasses that I will be able to wear out in the sun (were they go dark - how clever!!) and inside, so now I can stop squinting in the low winter sun. I also love the fact they are a greenish/brown that seems to adapt to all colors of clothing, so I don't have to worry about that when I dig out my babypink dress!

The Historical Sauces were there too, having prepared a lovely space to rest your feet, browse through books and magazines carefully selected to inspire and educate about history and vintage fashions, so there were something for the gents too. They also had a little snuffbar for those so inclined.

Kerry and Lucy, 2/3rds of the Historical Sauces

A newcomer to the Vintage fairs is milliner Annelli Clarke, she is trained at St. Martins in London and makes the most exquisite fedoras and smaller hats for ladies.

I have to get one of her hats, which is displayed on the table above in babypink and midnight blue, which looks like the hat ingrid Bergman wears in a cafe scene in the movie Casablanca!

To entertain us and get us in the mood, DJ78 was playing his records on proper old grammophones and he told me that he uses one needle per record! That is dedcation!

More pictures can be seen on my Darhling Photography website!



Saturday, 26 November 2011

Darhling Photography

Darhling is venturing out!

Darhling Photography will be your photographer for any event, wedding or engagement where you need glamourous pictures.

Please have a look over on Darhling Photography's website, browse through the pictures and have a look.

For events, it is free of charge and the pictures will be avalible for a small fee each.

Weddings and engagements shoots will be at very competitive prices, but the result isn't of the norm. If you want old Hollywood glamour, Brief Encounter style or something completely different, Darhling Photography is the place to go.

At the moment there is an amazing offer of the first three bookings being free! All I ask for is fuel expenses covered. Now that is a bargain for anyone on a budget!