Thursday, 22 April 2010

All things pink!

All things pink are always a favourite of mine! Today I wore a pink dress by Bettie Page Clothing with a white box jacket over. I liked the jacket being a little less for fitting than the very curvy dress.
Tan patent leather Louboutin kitten heels and a rose colored Chanel bag completed the outfit.

I recently purchased these lovely 'Ballerina' ruffled knickers from What Katie Did! So feminine, fun and flirty!

Now a girl's life couldn't be complete with flowers, chocolate and chatting on the phone!

Accessories are also very important. My two favourite ones at the moment are the headband and my Chanel bag.

Life wouldn't be complete without music, so of course I have a pink iPod with matching headphones.



Sunday, 18 April 2010

Diamond Jive dancing in Brixton

So my darlings, I have been away for much too long, I apologize.

This was from my night out yesterday, dancing jive in Brixton. I have only been to one class and two nights in Tulse Hill, but the teachers are beyond friendly and teach me stuff every time I go. The regular dancers also picks up us un experienced girls and make us feel like Ginger Rogers. Ehh, if she jived that is!

I wore a stunning leopard sarong dress with matching bolero from Vivien of Holloway. The material is super soft and perfect for dancing in, the sarong split made sure I could move and still not flash anything inappropiate!

I also attempted to do my first roll, my hair is impossible to work with, it is very heavy and thick, but I am proud of this one, even though you can see a bobby pin.