Sunday, 18 April 2010

Diamond Jive dancing in Brixton

So my darlings, I have been away for much too long, I apologize.

This was from my night out yesterday, dancing jive in Brixton. I have only been to one class and two nights in Tulse Hill, but the teachers are beyond friendly and teach me stuff every time I go. The regular dancers also picks up us un experienced girls and make us feel like Ginger Rogers. Ehh, if she jived that is!

I wore a stunning leopard sarong dress with matching bolero from Vivien of Holloway. The material is super soft and perfect for dancing in, the sarong split made sure I could move and still not flash anything inappropiate!

I also attempted to do my first roll, my hair is impossible to work with, it is very heavy and thick, but I am proud of this one, even though you can see a bobby pin.