Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Little Vintage Lover Fair in Heydon, Norfolk

On Sunday the 5th of June, the Little Vintage Lover Fair made it's way to the little village of Heaydon in Norfolk. The chap and I went to Heydon to visit friends who live in the little village, but also to see what the fair was all about.

The entrance was only £1 and that was a very good deal! There were many lovely small stall more focused on home and kitchen ware from the Art Deco period to the pastel colours and kidney shapes of the 50s. There were also many lovely small stall with vintage clothes and accessories at very good prices, especially prestine shoes and fur stoles in amazing shape and great prices too!

I came across one of the stalls that had a lovely dresser set laid out in a lovely, clear, light blue consisting of a mirror, a hairbrush and a clothes brush for only £8. At the same stall they had the most lovely Art Deco-y teacup, saucer and plate one set had light yellow onthe inside of the cup/black on the outisde and yellow on the saucer and plate, the other set was similar but with babypink instead of yellow. I made the typical mistake of not getting them immediately, only to return later to buy them and find out they had already been snapped up by a lucky vintage lover!

After being dissapointed in loosing out on the china tea cups, I had my sights set on getting a tea or coffee put and got my mittens on a half pint Beryl tea-pot for just £7. The design is lovely and very robust and very easy to collect since it is so wide spread. I will have to save my bone china dreams for a later date.

 It felt more like a big picnic with lovely small stalls and tea served in bone china cups to enjoy on the lawn.
Both the chap and I got stopped so many times by lovely people who only had great compliments for our attire - even though I was in my Land Girl dungarees and hair set on lazy victory rolls.

Dead Men's Spex had a big stall and I had been needing a new pair of glasses forever! I narrowed it down to three pairs and settled on a pair of Luxury Lady in silver, which is not quite 40s and not nearly 50s.

The Luxury Lady is the top pair, also shown here in detail above.

I can't wait for this fair to pop up againsomewhere when I am up in the Norfolk area!




  1. Little Vintage Lover Fair is excellent! They do regular fairs in Norwich too.

    I list them all on Vintage Norwich, I think the next one is in Norwich in October, there's some others in villages though!

  2. Top glasses choice!!! And that teapot - yummy!

  3. Oh, the glasses are lovely!