Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Vintage Remington 2 Typewriter

As an amateur writer, I have been wanting a vintage typewriter for a long time, but the right one at the right price didn't show itself for months on end. I find itwuite romantic in a way, to sit and type on a lovely typewriter, to get som nice, heavy ivory paper and start typing away. I am not sure when it is from, I don't have a date, but I am guessing it is from the 1040s, but of course I could be very much wrong.-

It is in perfect condition and allI have to do, was to replace the original ribbon with a new one (use gloves for this, my dears!) and it was good to go!

I have used it for a few loveletters so far and I have this idea of typing loveletters to my sweetheart, but the letters are set in the 1940s. So they will be a little fictitious and filled with events, big or small, that happened during WW2. The book, Operation Mincemeat which I read after coming up with the idea, also have a similar fictitious loveletter theme through out the book. I won't spoil the book for you, but it is a lovely little romantic red thread in an otherwise macabre story.

Another thing I am using the typewriter for, is writing my childrens book on it. It might be a pain to edit, you can't copy/paste but the it has so more soul to it and history. I always wonder what letters might have been written on this typewriter, where it has travelled to in it's traveling case and what events it might have recorded.

There is nothing like the sound of those keys tapping away.



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