Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Miss L Fire's amazing range of shoes!

In my quest to find amazing, vintage appropriate shoes from the 40s era, I have finally stumbled across Miss L Fire. I know, I am very late in the L Fire game.

Miss L Fire shoes are not cheap, but far from expensive and so worth the money! They can be purchased from Miss L Fire's own website, on Amazon and in shops such as Black Truffle. More stockists can be found on Miss L Fire's own webpage.

Their range of shoes range from quirky and colourful to elegant with a twist. My favourites so far are the Lanai, Havana, Hibiscus and Vee Eight.

The Lanai has the perfect 40s heel and a tiny peeptoe, making it suitable for both summer and autumn, but I wouldn't risk it in a British winter. The have contrast sticitching and a little bow on the front. The red has white stitching, the blue has white stitching too and the black has brown.

The Lanai in red will be a pop of colour to your basis wardrobe if it consists of black brown, and it is not too flashy but will compliment your red lisptick perfectly. It will also look lovely with lighter summer clothes and look beautiful with tanned summer legs.

The Lanai in blue are my absolute favourite, if any admireres will want to surprise me, thi sis the pair to get me! They will be perfect with ,y recent additions to my wardrobe, which amongst other things, consists of the HeyDay Mary dress in chocolate brown, a new yummy, matte colour.

The black with brown sticthing will serve as a classic in your wardrobe, even though it has brown sticthing, it will still match other colour in your wardrobe, the brown will only add depth to the shoe design.

The Havana is close in design to the Lanai, the peeptoe in slightly different design and instead of a big bow, it has a smaller bow of grosgrain ribbon and two small cherries.

The red Havana is absolutely stunning with the grosgrain ribbon in purple and with purple piping.

 The Havana in mint is perfect for summer and matches so many light coloured summer clothes.

The Hibiscus in white is a pretty summer sandal with a t-strapthat makes it perfect for dancing too, the heel of the foot is made out of pretty leave, withstitching and the front of the shoe has a lovely flower. These come in black with multi coloured flower too.

Now I know what to spend my money on the next few months!




  1. Hi there!

    We just wanted to say thanks for the post, but we just wanted to let you know that the shoes aren't made in England and they cannot be purchased at SHELLYS stores - unfortunately there are no longer any SHELLYS stores in London!! :)

    Thanks for the lovely comments!

    The Miss L Fire team xx

  2. Hi Miss L Fire!

    So sorry for the wrong data, I have corrected it immediately :) I have to say, I can't wait to get a pair of Lanais!


  3. Beautiful shoes, really very beautiful. Now I just need a wage packet and I shall be there! I shall be joining the Facebook page and promoting this. :)

  4. Waaaaaay outta my price range - but BE-A-UTIFUL. Especially the Hibiscus!!

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