Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Visiting the Queen at Sandringham

.. Well almost, she wasn't in when I made a spontaneous visit.

It was a beautiful and sunny day and we opted for the ticket to see the house, gardens and museum and I loved every bit of it! The weather was perfect and I regretted to not take a picnic hamper with me. We started out with a stroll through the front part of the gardens, following the yellow brick road. We found the plaques the Queen had put up in honour of her dogs and one of them read 'A gentleman among dogs'!

There were several English-Danish links to be made, there was a huge tree that was planted by a Danish Princess in the late 1800s and several paintings of Danish royalty graced the walls of the house.

The guide through the house was relatively short, but I could well imagine Elizabeth when giving some of the radio speeches to the public and if Margaret ever went wild on the grand piano..

Here I am, lounging in front of the house.. 

We visited the lovely little church later on and strolled through the back gardens and tried to hop across a fairly large pond on the little flat rocks.. but it got a little .. eh rocky!

The museum was wonderful and was packed full of pictures and stories of the family and a lot about the period through WW2. I have to say, both Elizabeth and Margaret looked so glamorous and elegant in the pictures from the 40s.

I would definitely recommend visiting Sandringham, but wear flats and plan for a whole day, as there is much to see! We didn't make all of it, but I am sure we will be back.

I was wearing my favourite Victory sweater and wedges from Rockit Originals and HeyDay swing trousers, so comfy and very stylish.

Please visit the Sandringham website and plan your day.

See you soon.



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