Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lovely Unmentionables

I have been searching forever for a satin or silk teddy. Now a teddy is a sort of camisole with legs, which combines the need for a silky chemise to make a smooth base under clothes and knickers in one. It's advantages is a smooth siloutte which stays put. A little tip: The suspender belt goes on underneath but the legs of the teddy, which is in the style of French Knickers that won't catch on them.

If you are getting a teddy to wear under clothes, and not just for sleeping in, get one that doesn't have too much fabric in the dropped waist. That will defeat the purpose of a smooth siloutte under your clothes. There can either be a little elastic or a little string you tie in the waist.

I am not sure when teddies got invented but they were very popular during the 40s but lack of silk and ration on clothes put a damper on the prettiness of unmentionables!

Oh and of course, it doesn't hurt they look awfully pretty!

Until today I haven't found teddies I like without them costing an arm and a leg. I stumbled across them on the New Look site! 

The mint green one has slightly more fabric in the waist, but still not too much. The floral one is perfect since it is straight, without excess fabric at all.

Now, hurry up Mr. Postman, I want my teddy!



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