Thursday, 19 November 2009

Darhling to work for ERA magazine

I am very proud to announce that I will be working with the talented people of ERA magazine. Not only will I make contributions to the magazine - so far I might be doing cultural pieces - but I will also be the art worker and later on, develop and design the website. I am truly excited about this!!

Here is the manifest

There’s a growing audience of enthusiastic, passionate, trend-setting people who want to celebrate the style, experiences and pleasures of the past. In clothes, placesto visit and events to attend, their quest is for quality, authentic and enjoyable experiences.

ERA magazine is here to meet their needs, present the opportunities to new participants and profile the venues, sources and activities that embody the values of celebrating the best of the past. From Tudor palaces through Georgian spas and Victorian museums and galleries to Art-Deco balls and 50’s seaside memorabilia.
The ERA audience seek out the best in vintage clothes, hair and make-up re-creation, the chance to dine or dance as if it were yesteryear, see films and theatre performances that embody and celebrate period performances and locations, or simply take tea with style and panache. In short ERA presents the pleasures of the past where they are to be found in the present.

I can't wait to tell you much more about this amazing magazine!



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