Thursday, 19 November 2009

Parisian Chic

Ahh Paris.. Just the name conjure up the most amazing images of fashionable ladies strolling by the Eiffel Tower or on their way to a secret rendez-vous. When I think of the Parisian Look, I think of super cinched in pencil dresses, luxurious silks, silk scarves to protect hair from raindrops or to conceil a lovebite on the neck, veiled hats, furs, long gloves, the perfect heels and most importantly - a look that could kill. Femme-fatales sums it up.

Here is a link to hilariously fantastic guide to be Parisian Chic on 10 easy steps from the Guardian.

It can be all black, nothing looks more chic than a tailored black dress, black stockings, black shoes and black coat, a black bag and black shades - with the pop of red lips!

It can also be medium - darker tones. As shown below, mix dark taupes, chocolates, every kind of coffee colour too. But don't go too light, stick to the darker colours!

Here is a little collecction of pictures that - for me - signifies the Parisian Look:

Galliano for Dior - Vintage Barbie Perfection!

Galliano for Dior - Suspenderbelt shoes.

Wardrobe on a budget :

Dogtooth skirt with ruffles from Tesco.

J Lo shoes

Mink coloured satin blouse

Skirt with piping details from Arrogant Cat.

Leopard coat.

Black clutch from Reiss

All from

Handbags : Small, only to carry around the essentials (lipstick, powder, credit card and lethal weapon). Dark colours like black and navy always work in matte leather for example. Clutches or small totes are perfect. My two favorite Parisienne handbags is the Chanel Timeless clutch in black caviar leather and the Lady Dior Cannage bag in black leather. Climbing around the Eiffel Tower is optional.

: Classic patterns, nothing too psychedelic. Look up Hermés for inspiration, my favorite is the Kelly Caleché vintage scarf. It comes in a wide range of color combinations, but you can never o wrong if yo match the color family of your outfit with perhaps one brighter colour.

: Perfected matte skin, slightly sculpted cheeks, eyeliner, matte red lips! This sounds like the regular 'vintage' makeup, but keep it more matte and more sculpted.

Lipsticks in Russian Red or Ruby Woo, both from MAC.

Eyeliner, professional eyeliner from Rimmel. Wing it!

Shimmery white eyeshadow in Blanc Diaphane from Bourjois. Availible with limited editions images from Paris from

Use on eyelid, in corner of eye and in the crease. Do not go all the way up to browbone, but keep the intensity on the lid, making it less obvious in the crease. Do follow out over the wing of the eyeliner (over the wing, not on top of the wing).

Sculpt your cheeks with blush in Sienne from Bourjois. I do mean sculpt.

Perfect red nailpolish, I recommend two coats. This is my current favorite! Rose Escarpin from Bourjois. Either go for the short and natural nail style or my current favorite style : very sharp and pointy!

 Now I need to go back to Paris.. How can I show a Parisian Outfit while posing in London?!



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  1. I am not certain French women nowadays are that elegant and effortlessly stylish, but thanks for your post... I wish it was still true.