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The most famous perfume during WW2 - Soir de Paris

I started reading Land Girls again and in the very beginning I was struck by how one of the three main characters was described to wear this Parisian, exotic scent. So I did a little investigation and found the back story on the perfume, which was very much real and part of womens lives in WW2.

I have found out you can buy it at The Imperial War Museum in Kennington, along with many other vintage inspired treats, so I must remember to pick up a bottle when I go there, the next time.

In the year 1929, Borjois Paris developed a perfume called Evening in Paris perfume. This is perhaps one of the most recognized and celebrated perfumes all over the world.
It became an instant success and was perhaps the favorite fragrance during the World War II era. Even now this charming fragrance is a reminder of wartime stories, dance halls, seamed stockings worn by the women in those days and of course the GIs.

This fragrance was re-launched in limited edition with the name of Soir de Paris. This classic perfume is as evocative as it was when it was originally launched. To give it a yesteryear charm in the new age it has been universally repackaged in a stunning glass bottle in the shape of a crescent with a striking cobalt blue color. This is truly a timeless classic and it is a rare find making it a romantic, classic yet modern-day fragrance.
People have kept old bottles in stock even when the labels have come off it. The Evening in Paris perfume bottle has a metal dauber and it measures 2 1/2" tall. The brand name of the manufacturer Bourjois is printed on the bottom of the bottle.

Evening in Paris is a testimony to the 1920s and the daring lifestyle of that era. The glittering nightlife and the flappers fashion, combined with the heady perfume of luxury was the right time to indulge in glamour and luxury with the Evening in Paris perfume. In the 1950s, Evening in Paris was known as the perfume worn by maximum number of women all over the world.

Re-launch Of the Perfume after Sudden Disappearance
However by 1969 this perfume known as Soir de Paris, completely disappeared from the market. It is now available for the first time after 1969 in the US. The fragrance can be described as light a classic eau de perfume which has a rich floral bouquet and blended to a slightly woody base. The perfume is available in a 1.6 ounce glass bottle spray. This most famous fragrance in the world is back again and is as evocative as ever.

Base Notes and Fragrance Selection
This heady and famous fragrance was previously owned by Chanel, and was again reformulated in 1992 by Chanel perfumers to give it a new lease of life in the modern day of perfumes and fragrances by matching it to the fragrance trends prevalent today. It is a sweet, creamy and smooth fragrance with a slightly woody base note. It can be described as  romantic at heart, and is a classic scent which has been upgraded with a little more hint of sweetness.

This fragrance has a blend of flowers which include the strong Ylang Ylang, the distinct scent of jasmine, the exotic Turkish rose, smooth violet, sweet peach, creamy vanilla, smooth musk and strong bergamot. The Eue de Parfum spray atomizer is one hundred percent authentic and it is the original fragrance of the most popular fragrance of the world, Evening in Paris.

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  1. I always wear Soir De Paris, it's divine! When we went to the perfume museum in Nice, they had amazing vintage bottles of it. I have looked for some on ebay too and found one that came inside a blue bakelite owl! xxx

  2. I recently got a small bottle of vintage Soir De Paris. It is rare for my husband and I to agree on a scent, but we both love it. I've heard that the new Soir De Paris does not smell the same. Does anyone know if this is true?

    1. I used to wear EiP as a teenager and I LOVED IT. I bought the re-launched version from the ?? Country Store ( I forgot the name) and it is NOT THE SAME. The new one smelled ok... Just ok.... But not as good as the original version. And we used to pay 25 cents.... Not $49.

    2. I purchased a bottle of the new version from Vermont Country Store, which claims it's the same fragrance from yesteryear, but it is not the same. This was my first perfume as a young woman and I was so disappointed the new version was different from what I loved so many years ago.

  3. I'm currently testing my way through perfumes that could have been worn in the 1940's. I haven't got to Soir de Paris yet, but it is on my list. :) Scent is a rather neglected aspect of an outfit, I think.

  4. I have a miniature original Christmas Decoration bottle of Soir de Paris for sale on e bay. I didn't realise how much interest it would create but knew it had something special about it. It's very nostalgic and romantic to know that it was so popular and evokes all those memories for people.
    Margaret Sutherland

  5. Should have said Collectables from Tattie Maggie is my e bay shop.

  6. Your article was good. Thanks for the great site and information keep it up... Alain Delon

  7. This takes me back to my childhood when the cobalt blue bottles of the sweet-smelling stuff could be found in dime stores, such as Woolworth's and S.S. Kresge, which eventually became K Mart. Those were the days...

  8. I have a miniature bottle (empty) of Evening In Paris. My Father used to give me this perfume every single Christmas and I absolutely loved it. If I sniff the bottle, I can still smell the perfume. I was born in 1941.

  9. Nice article, pleased to have stumbled into it.

    My first serious girlfriend was in 1951 was Stella. I was 16 and a half, she was 22. Stella often wore Evening in Paris and I just adored dancing with her in the Orchid Ballroom in Purley prior to my joining the RAF.

    She married someone else while I was serving in Germany in the mid fifties but I've never forgotten her, nor that lovely perfume. Stella died a few years ago but we did meet again before her illness and death.

    This perfume used to be made in a factory in CROYDON during the war but sadly that was totally destroyed by a Nazi bomb in the early 1940s.

    When the perfume was relaunched I bought a bottle and absolutely love it! Some say it is not the same as the original but I disagree. To me it is so sweet and lovely and hauntingly evocative of the 1950s that I spray a tiny bit on my wrist at night and drift off to a dreamy sleep with the scent keeping my first love alive in my mind.

    1. This is beautiful ! How a scent can evoke such beautiful memories...

  10. In 1988, I was given this perfume at Christmas time. I was 15 at the time and just loved the smell of it. The pretty blue bottle was very elegant and I liked that too. How is this possible if they stopped making it in the 1926-1929?

    1. I don't think it ceased production in the 1926-29 period. It was still being made during WW2 until the factory in Croydon (south London) was destroyed during a German air raid in 1940. This factory was adjoining Croydon airport - a target of Nazi bombers.
      The current perfume (Soir de Paris) is still available online.

  11. Lovely article about days gone by.I was
    Watching this Christmas movie about this lady That was time snatched out of the 1940s To 2016 Christmas.Needlsee to say the poor girl Thought she was just Loosing her mind. Well The police was looking through her bag(purse)and found the"Paris moon parfum Bottle,pretty blue little bottle. So I just Thought I'd look it up just to see if it was real or just for the movie, well lo And behold it was and still is real.
    My grandmother used to wear"evening in
    Paris".My brother says you could tell she was in The room, days later the scent would still be there. I dont know
    If thats the same as "Paris moon". Well
    Memories or good especially if they're good ones, And this fragrance evokes some very good ones. Im glad for you guys.

    1. Movie:"Journey Back to Christmas". Love that Hallmark Flick! I literally just finished watching that which my research brought me here. Lol...

  12. And that's how I happened on to this article.I'm ♡Nina above,about the movie.

  13. "Needless to say", I hate typos. From
    Above. ♡Nina.

  14. I just watched that movie again. Absolutely love it and was wondering if they changed the name of it for the movie and it is really Evening in Paris.

  15. I've just watched that Christmas Movie. I loved it and also googled 'Paris Moon' and was sent straight to 'Evening in Paris' the blue bottle in the film looks just like the photos of the Evening in Paris early bottles.
    It's a wonderfully nostalgic film and the message of the film, 'Even the smallest pebble makes ripples in the water,' still rings true today.
    Thank you to Larry Levinson and his teams for the warmest meaningful films that make you feel all's well with the world and that miracles, whether big or small can AND DO happen still.��⛪��
    Love,Live,help and forgive, be kind to the people you meet.
    With a song in your heart, spread joy from the start.
    And remember life's Short...make it Sweet. ������