Sunday, 22 November 2009

A faux French evening full of debauchery

Last night was the Yes we Can-Can evening and my first visit to one of the New Sheridan Clubs functions. I had SUCH a great time, the people are absolutely wonderful and friendly and I talked to so many! There was araffle for the members and I was holding a ticket for the Curate, of course I was the very first winner, so I guess it means I have a lucky touch! There were parlor games and even an arrogant and very sexy french stand up comedian..

It was held at The Punch Tavern on Fleet Street and it is a very gorgeous setting! Mirrored walls, painted glass, warm lights and a lit fireplace too.

It was decorated with French flags and onions everywhere!

There was a french themed menu too and of course lots of special cocktails and absinth.

On the right, the two chairmen are being honoured with a big giant pink cake (it had a special name) and it tasted very yummy!!

Me with two of the lovely chaps..

As ususal I apologise for the horrible picture quality when I attempt to take an outfit picture, but here I am! Black and white striped chiffon blouse with puff sleeves, black pencil skirt with leather piping. Seamed stockings and my new favourite shoes! Dark purple suede t-bar shoes that makes me teeter on my toes!

I had such a great and very late evening, made it home with lots of ballons, so my bedroom are now filled with red, white and blue balloons!




  1. The cake is a French Fancy...yummy.

  2. You are fabulous. I love those shoes. Please start blogging again!

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!

  3. those shoes!!!! *dies*

  4. You look gorgeous, I love your outfit!
    for vintage, retro and french couture-inspired fashion

  5. I've always wondered about the New Sheridans Club...I'm glad to hear how friendly they were, did you go it alone or with friends? Perhaps when I move to London I'll finally make it along.